1. Applicants are required to submit copies of relevant educational documents, National Identification Card and work experience documents (if applicable) when submitting the application form. Originals (if submitting a hard copy)  or attested scans (if applied online) of these documents would be required by the College at the time of submitting the application or before an offer letter is issued, in order to verify the authenticity of the documents submitted. Originals of the documents will be returned once authenticity is verified. An applicant is deemed to be complete only when all the required supporting documents are received by the College together with the application form.
  2. Applicants are required to pay the registration fee to process their application form. Registration fees are Non-refundable.

Registration fees are as follows;

* Certificate level 1,2,3, &4 – MVR 300

* Diploma – MVR 500

* Advance Diploma & Degree – MVR 1160

* SEGi Degree & MBA – MVR 1545

  • Submitting an application does not confirm a placement. Once the application form is processed applicants will be informed of their eligibility and will be asked to settle the advance fee payment before a deadline if a placement is offered. The placement will be confirmed only upon settlement of the advance fee payment.
  • Clique College reserves the right to expel the student at any time during the course if it is found, the applicant has submitted false documents or if the information provided by the applicant is found to be incorrect or misleading. No refund of fees will be paid in such cases.
  • The course fees are subject to change without notice and are not refundable after a placement has been confirmed or once the student is enrolled. Students are liable for all payment of fees by the deadline(s) and failure to do so may result in the student being expelled from the course.
  • Students shall abide by the “Student Rules” and maintain their conduct according to it and as per instructions given by the College. Breach of the Student Rules will result in disciplinary action leading to termination from the College (copies can be collected at the service counter).
  • Once a student is enrolled he/she may withdraw from a course only after paying the full-fee for the particular semester. Students should also communicate in writing to the Course Coordinator of their intention and reasons for doing so.
  • If a student is terminated from a course due to poor attendance, misconduct or any other reason whatsoever, course fees paid will not be refundable.
  • For organizations and entities sponsoring the students, the liability for payment will be on the organization sponsoring the student. For students below 21 years of age, the liability for payment will be upon the parent/guardian in the event the student fails to pay. Students above 21 years will be held responsible for payment of their own tuition fees.
  1. The College reserves the right to release details of the student’s performance and examination results to parent(s), guardian(s) and/or sponsor(s). The College reserves the right to release personal details of the applicants/students to concerned parties, government, public or private.

Application form declaration

BY signing the application form I acknowledge and agree to the following;

  • to comply with the rules on admission and enrolment of Clique College
  • to inform the college immediately if there is any change to the information I have given in this application form
  • to pay all fees, including the registration fee for the applied course.
  • I have read and understood the terms and conditions of enrollment and the student rules of clique college.

I understand that:

  • College may obtain official records from any institution/work-place at which I have previously been enrolled/worked.
  • College may vary or cancel any decision it makes if the information I/my sponsor have given is incorrect or incomplete information
  • If I am enrolled in an international course, the fees are subjected to change if the international college/university revises the course fees or if there is a change in the exchange rate of the currencies used by the affiliating college/unveristy.   
  • The college reserves the right to make variations to the contents of programs, including the range of courses (modules) offered and alter the approach to methods of delivery of programs such as the timetable, location, number of classes and methods and timings of assessments.
  • College may adapt the teaching mode (face-face or virtual) given certain circumstances and reserve the right to revert to stipulated teaching mode of the course when/if the circumstance rectifies.
  • College reserve the right to discontinue programs and combine programs; due to events outside the college’s reasonable control or if the College considers that such action is reasonably necessary in order to appropriately manage its resources, pursue its policy of continuous improvement, comply with changes in law or comply with the instructions of the  College Council.
  • College reserves the right to cancel, postpone or bring forward a course announced to commence in an intake without prior notice, if there are insufficient numbers of students, or for any other reason.
  • College reserves the right to provide my information to my sponsor (if sponsored) and government authorities including, my results, progress reports and enrollment details.
  • the college need not re-enroll me if I do not complete my studies satisfactorily each year.
  • I am fully responsible for my educational expenses while studying at the college.

I consent to the collection, storage and disclosure of information relating to record falsification or other irregular acts in accordance with college procedures.

I declare that the information given in this application is true and correct:

By submitting the form I agree to all terms and conditions stated above.