The ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. ACCA aims to offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management.

Strategic Professional is the final stage of the ACCA Qualification. If you have relevant education such as a university degree from an ACCA-accredited university, you could start here.

The Strategic Professional is still divided into two modules, Essentials and Options and they both still have the same ability level as a Masters degree. 

The Professional Level exam changes are as follows:

  • New four-hour Strategic Business Leader case study exam (replacing P1 and P3)
  • New three-hour-fifteen minute Strategic Business Reporting (replacing P2)

Our Professional level requires you to undertake:

  • 4 exams: This includes two compulsory modules which include Strategic Business Leader and Strategic Business Reporting. You then need to choose two further courses that suit your career ambitions from Advanced Financial Management; Advanced Performance Management; Advanced Taxation; or Advanced Audit and Assurance.

To become an ACCA member you’ll also need to complete:

  • 1 ethics and professional skills module:We believe that finance professionals should be ethical and demonstrate the professional skills to make an impact immediately. This is why you’ll do an Ethics and Professional Skills module.
  • 3 years’ work experience: in a relevant workplace role.



Strategic Business Leader (SBL) formerly P1 and P3 To apply excellent leadership and ethical skills to lead by example, promote a positive culture within the organisation and adopt a whole organisation perspective in managing performance and value creation. In addition, to evaluate the effectiveness of the governance and agency system of an organisation as well as to recognise the responsibility of the board or other agents towards their stakeholders, including social responsibilities, reporting implications, and the strategic position of the organisation against the external environment and availability of internal resources in order to identify feasible strategic options.

Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) formerly known as P2 To apply ethical and professional principles to ethical dilemmas and discuss the consequences of unethical behaviour, evaluate the appropriateness of the financial reporting framework and critically discuss changes in accounting regulation, apply professional judgment in the reporting of the financial performance of a range of entities and prepare the financial statements of groups of entities


Advanced Financial Management (AFM) formerly known as P4 To apply relevant knowledge and skills and exercise professional judgement, as expected of a senior financial executive or advisor, in making or recommending decisions relating to the financial management of an organisation.

 Advanced Performance Management (APM) formerly known as P5 To apply relevant knowledge and skills and exercise professional judgement in selecting and applying strategic management accounting techniques in different business contexts and to contribute to the evaluation of the performance of an organisation and its strategic development.

Advanced Taxation (ATX) formerly known as P6 To apply relevant knowledge and skills and exercise professional judgement in providing relevant information and advice to individuals and businesses on the impact of the major taxes on financial decisions and situations.

Advanced Audit And Assurance (AAA) formerly known as P7 To analyse, evaluate and conclude on the assurance engagement and other audit and assurance issues in the context of best practice and current developments.

CBE EXAM SESSIONS Flexible Exam Delivery ACCA study is flexible, with 4 paper-exam sessions to choose from each year and Computer-Based Exams (CBEs) available for selected modules, you can progress through the qualification at your own pace and take the exams when you are ready. Candidates will still be allowed to attempt a maximum of 8 distinct exams over the course of the exam year with a maximum of 4 exam sittings per exam window.

At the Professional Level, students have a 7-year time limit to pass all Professional level papers (SBL, SBR and two of the options papers). If they are unable to do so, they will be required to retake all papers that were taken over 7 years ago. This time-limit only begins when students pass the first exam.


Fees: Per Module 

Duration: 6 months (80-100 Contact Hours)
Tuition Fees: Total MVR 12,500 payable in 5 installments of MVR 2,500 each.