Online Re - Enrollment form
Welcome back to Clique College. This is a simple online form to collect important information to register you to the progressing course. Once you send the application form you will be contacted by an advisor through mobile contact number or email. If you wish to inquire about your interested course, have any issues submitting application form or wish to check the status of your application you may contact us during official hours on 3334036 or email: (Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of application from
CURRENT ADDRESS LINE 1: House name/Flat number
CURRENT ADDRESS LINE 2: Street Address, Island and Atoll
PERMANENT ADDRESS LINE 1: House name / Flat number
PERMANENT ADDRESS LINE 2: Street Address, Island and Atoll
(If you have completed O'Level please write the subjects and grades
If you have completed A/Level please write the subjects and results
Please write how you intend to fund for your course (eg. self funding, company sponsor, govt free degree scheme, etc)
If the course you applied requires work experience, please write you previous work experience

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