Offered by: Clique College

Maldives National Qualification Framework (MNQF): Level 7

Entry criteria:

Applicants must meet one of the following entry criteria:

  • Successful completion of Higher Secondary Education (E or above pass in A’ Level exam/ C or above in HSC Examination)
  • Attainment of a Level 4 qualification in a related field OR
  • Attainment of a Level 4 Foundation study Program approves for the specific Diploma program

Alternate Entry Criteria:

Alternatively, you may gain entry by meeting the following criteria:

  • Completion of a Level 4 qualification (unrelated) AND successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program OR
  • 20 years old, completion of Grade 10/ Level 3 qualification, 2 years of relevant work experience AND successful completion of an MQA approved University Preparation Program

Modules (30 modules):

1.Introduction to Developmental Psychology (Year 1)
2.Principles of Mathematics (Year 1)
3.Inclusive Education in Early Childhood (Year 1)
4.Health Promotion in Schools (Year 1)
5.Classroom Management (Year 1)
6.Assessment and Evaluation (Year 1)
7.Language and Literacy for Early Years (Year 1)
8.Integrating ICT in teaching (Year 1)
9.Effective Planning and Teaching (Year 1)
10.Practicum 1 (Year 1)
11.Social and Emotional Development of young children (Year 2)
12.Multimedia Technology (Year 2)
13.English Language (Year 2)
14. Working with Diverse People (Year 2)
15. Exploring Science (Year 2)
16. Teaching Art for Young Minds (Year 2)
17. Introduction to Early Childhood Studies (Year 2)
18. Fundamentals of Arabic (Year 2)
19. Curriculum Studies (Year 2)
20. Practicum II (Year 2)
21. Social Education (Year 3)
22. Psychology in a School Context (Year 3)
23. Islamic Studies (Year 3)
24. Physical Education (Year 3)
25. Dhivehi Language (Year 3)
26. Health Education (Year 3)
27. Expressive Arts (Year 3)
28. Productive Lessons for Young Children (Year 3)
29. Introduction to Researching Education (Year 3)
30. Practicum III (Year 3)

No of semesters: 9

Course duration: 3 year

Intake: January and May and September

Class timing: 3-4 days a week, 6-10pm

Course fee: 

Course fee: 

1st Year – MVR 1850 x 12 monthly installments

2nd Year – MVR 2500 x 12 monthly installments

3rd Year – MVR 3150 x 12 monthly installments

All fees are not refundable. Fees include tuition fee, study materials and exam fees.

Updated on: 17th  May 2021