Clique College celebrates its 20th anniversary on 23rd October 2020. Since its inception Clique College has grown and matured in multiple ways starting from few class room to a full fledge leading college in Maldives. Clique College is committed to provision of quality higher education in the Republic of Maldives. This commitment is reflected in high achieving students in international exams and work profile among alumni.

Clique College have organized events in celebration of its 20th anniversary to be unveiled in the months to come. To begin with an exciting 20th anniversary logo, designed by Graphic Designer & Artist – Bamby, was launched in social media.

President of Clique College Dr. Naushad Mohamed said “We are very happy to reach this milestone and we have come a long way despite the challenges in the higher education sector. I take this opportunity to thank all students, partners and staff for their support and contribution.” 

As a first event, Clique College would like to contribute to the community in this very difficult time. Twenty students from twenty schools in island communities will be offered a fully paid scholarship. Clique College Dean Ms. Mariyam Shifana said “We want to celebrate with the community and we are happy to reach out to 20 islands to offer the scholarship opportunity. We hope the students will make use of this opportunity to shape their future in a positive way”. We hope this opportunity of education will give empowerment and hope of improved livelihood for these students.

College is focusing on strengthening its relationship with the industry and expects to provide internship opportunities to students who have lost their jobs or intending to start a fresh career. With the new arrangement current students will be able to secure jobs or experience certain industries.

Business Development Manager, Mr. Mohamed Roshan said “We will be introducing new and exciting events for our students. We are just waiting for freedom of movement for full scale events. There will be options for students who are keen in various sports activities too. While we look back with a sense of achievement, we look forward to future with much hope and enthusiasm”

Clique College invites all readers to follow them in their social media and join in programs that they can benefit.