Clique College was registered as a higher education institution under the name “Clique Training Centre” on 23rd October 2000. The institution was given college status on 1st September 2009 by Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education (Maldives). Clique College is owned by Clique Associate Trainers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Clique College is committed to provision of quality higher education in the Republic of Maldives. This commitment is reflected in our high achieving students in international exams and work profile among our alumni. Our effort has been recognized at national level with the receiving of President’s National Award in the year 2009 from former President Mohamed Nasheed.

President of Clique College Dr. Naushad Mohamed received the President’s National Award on behalf of Clique College from former President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed on 11th November 2009. 


We offer a broad range of courses in Business, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Information Technology and Tourism. Clique College is an accredited college of The Association of Business Executives (UK), was an Approved Learning Partner of Heriot-Watt University (UK), Segi University Malaysia, Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality and a computer based exam centre of ACCA.

Our main campus is located in capital Male’. We have started to establish new campuses will be established in key islands of Maldives since the year 2019. We also work closely with NGOs in sharing our knowledge, expertise and resources to support communities.

We aim to provide a vibrant and exciting student life at Clique College with variety of activities throughout the academic year.

Signing of Heriot-Watt University Partnership Agreement on December 2011. (Left, Michelle Beagan, External Programs Development Manager, Heriot-Watt University, Right, Dr.Naushad Mohamed, President of Clique College)
President of Clique College visiting ABE head office on June 2018 in Surrey (UK). (Left) Dr Edward de Bono, (middle) Dr. Naushad Mohamed and (right) Steve Smith, Director of Business & Product Development.