We offer ABE courses in three specialization areas. They are Business Management, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. ABE offers their courses at three levels: ABE Level 4 Diploma equivalent to MNQF Level 5; ABE Level 5 Diploma equivalent to MNQF Level 6; and ABE Level 6 Diploma equivalent to MNQF Level 7.

To Paper Prize Awards

There is a reason why students should give a good thought about studying ABE at Clique College. To date Clique College students have been awarded 49 Top Paper Prizes by ABE for scoring top marks among all international students sitting for the particular subject.

ABE Membership

Associate Member (AMABE):

Associate Membership is awarded to those who have completed their Level 5 Diploma (or NQF Diploma), or who have registered directly for the Level 6 Diploma. Associate Members can use the letters AMABE after their name to demonstrate their level of achievement.

Member (MABE):

Member level is available for Level 5 Diploma holders (or NQF Diploma holders) with four years’ managerial experience, and Level 6 Diploma holders (or NQF Advanced Diploma holders) with two years’ managerial experience. To apply for this upgrade, please download the application form below.

Fellow Membership:

The highest level is Fellow Member with additional four years of experience and commitment to ABE cause after consideration from ABE Council. Two Directors of Clique College hold fellow membership of ABE: Clique College President Dr. Naushad Mohamed and Director Akhthar Mohamed Ali.

ABE Courses:

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This program is covered under Government Free Degree Program

Re Sit Form 

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