“SACC” Clique College Student Association

SACC are a representative body of the students of the Clique College. SACC council elections are held once in a year for executive and non-executive positions. All the students enrolled across 20+ academic courses offered at Clique College are default members of SACC.
SACC acts to engage students in a wide range of activities including volunteering, team building & youth leadership development camps, charity events, sports & recreation and environment protection.
Proud to say that SACC is the most active student body amongst private higher education institutions in Maldives.
SACC organizes various events throughout the year. Some of the main events are listed below.

sacc1 (1)

• HEYBONAARAA: It has been a long tradition for both new and old students to get to know each other on the legendary ‘HEYBONAARAA’ trip. Students engage in competitive team building games. The event is held twice a year at the beginning of each semester.

• Overseas Learning Expeditions

• Six-a-side Football Tournament: The tournament is held once every semester for both male and female students studying in the college. This tournament has been running successfully for the past 5 years. With a team from every class, one in every three students participating in the games, it is now the most competitive event in the college.
In addition to the main events above, SACC conducts various smaller events throughout the year like ‘Boduberu Night’, ‘Volleyball Tournament’ and other fund-raising events.