Campus Facilities

Modern Lecture Rooms
Lecture rooms are equipped with the most modern amenities including a networked computer system, the internet, central air-condition, multimedia projectors, whiteboard, projector screen, etc. Lecture rooms accommodate 60 students.

Student Library
The Library has been having approximately 800 volumes of Academic reference. Also, Magazines, Journals, and Past Papers are also available. The library has the study area and computer systems for research purpose with internet access.

Computer Lab (2 computer labs)
The computer lab is equipped with computer systems, multimedia projector, whiteboard, projector screen, free Internet, and networked systems. The computer lab is open from 10.00 am to 10.00pm Sunday to Thursday and 2.00pm to 10.00pm on Saturday. Students are allowed to use the lab for research, assignment work or use of the internet for checking email and other personal use.

Student Services
The Student Services (SS) is a pivotal center for students, staff, lecturers and prospective students. The SS provides the first point of contact for prospective student inquiries, provision of materials and notices for current students, fee payments, and other administrative transactions.

Photocopy & Printing
Clique College Photocopy & Printing service allows students to print and copy documents for academic purpose. The printing room is equipped with industry standard photocopy and heavy duty printing facilities in addition to binding service for students and lecturers.