The Association of Business Executives, UK

About ABE

ABE is a not-for-profit organisation which provides internationally recognised qualifications. It is a worldwide professional association for business executives.

Students will develop skills and initiative preparing them for global workplace. ABE graduates are capable of leadership and change management in both social and business enterprises.  With its long history and experience in global business education, students are prepared for the challenges of a dynamic, unpredictable yet connected world.


ABE qualifications are developed based on extensive research on the requirements of business world. More than ever, today organisations are in need of staff who excel in core business skills yet flexible and adaptable to the dynamic environment.

With this in mind, consultants, employers and subject experts have come together to develop the portfolio of qualifications for ABE. Hence, ABE qualifications not only meet the needs and demands of employers today but also what lies in the future.

Therefore, ABE qualifications are ideal for students with a keen interest to become an entrepreneur, or looking to improve professional skill sets for the business world.

Why ABE?

Students will be studying common units along with specialist subjects to develop expertise in chosen discipline. Courses are designed to develop practical workplace skills as well as academic skills.